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Fitness BootcampI’ve been working all day today, mind tired, feeling like I need to just take it easy.

I look at my watch, it’s 8pm. Gym closes in an hour and it takes me few minutes to get there. The mind says I have to go, but the body would rather relax on a couch and do nothing.

Here is my mindset that helped me with the right decision:

First of all, here are couple of facts that I know to be true – from my and others’ experience:

Workout session helps you to clear your mind, shift your energy, change your outlook on life to positive, improve focus and mood, and makes your body feel better.

After a few workouts you will notice that you feel much better and you’re more productive after – every time! And it doesn’t depend on whether the workout was intensive or not, although you should strive for one most of the times.

So here’s the convincing argument:

I feel better EVERY TIME after the gym! That’s EVERY TIME including today!

I know I will feel better after I go, so this is it: Let’s go and Let’s make it count!

I was slightly hungry, so I grabbed the FIT Resist snack bar to go, grabbed my gym back, grabbed MP3 player, and I was out the door using the Jedi mind-over-matter brute force.

At the gym I stepped into a sauna for 2 minutes (in my gym clothes) to quickly warm up. I took few deep breaths, stretched my neck, touched my toes, stretched the legs. At another location I use steam room instead, and I find it to give me even better boost-kick results. In fact I jump into the steam room before every workout every time I am there.

Feeling just slightly more alive I made my way to the elliptical machine. I selected Manual workout, set resistance to 5, set my favourite Headcleaner music on my iPod, and just started cranking. Then over the next 5 minutes I gradually increased the resistance to 10 and checked my heart rate – it was 130bpm.

At this point I was  pretty alive from the steam room, the music, the warm-up, and the approaching closing time. I increased the speed to 85rpm and the resistance first to 15, then to 17! (note: be safe, work within your limits).

With 10 minutes left, I decided to do quick ab workout and few push ups.

At 9PM I left the gym floor feeling great – as expected!

Good decision!

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Here are more Practical Workout Motivation ideas and mindset.

Once you take care of detoxing, cleansing, probiotics, and a foundation of muscles, you will be ready to go to the next level: high-performance workouts for high-performance body. Keep in mind that those workouts won’t be effective unless you are ready for them. FIT will definitively help you get there!

Here are some hardcore workout websites for top results: – Ultimate Home Workouts – Home Workout and Nutrition

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