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Muay Thai BoxerFirst things first – morning ritual: hot water with lemon, FIT Reset, Noni Bioactive, espresso hot bath, cool shower, small apple, quarter serving of oatmeal and PC Fibre First cereal with enriched Rice Milk, NatureBorn® Vitamin, and 30 minutes of positive messages. Then off to 1.5 hours of Muay Thai training.

After 20 minutes of skipping, squatting, push-ups, and shadow boxing the gloves were on. Powerful round kicks, surprise hooks, painful body shots, knockout elbows, growling and yelling,  and … few friendly laughs.

Finding intensive sport that you enjoy makes your cardio time fly unnoticed. Join interesting classes such as Martial Arts or Boot Camp, or various teams (swimming, tennis, soccer, cycling, etc.). Get fit, get good, meet like-minded people, have a good time, and if you get really good – compete!


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