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Body Builder BicepPicture this: it’s Thursday late afternoon – upper body day for most lifters. You walk into a gym, not thinking anything in particular about your workout, one way or another.

You crank out a quick warm-up (literally) and a two warm-up sets… and you’re feeling fine. You go through your first lift, and you’re starting to feel pump.

Second lift, same thing, getting stronger. Third lift… again feeling good.

But this time, something is different. You bang out your normal amount of reps, and you place the weight back on the bar. Only today.. you’ve got 30 pounds more on the bar than you had last week, and… you’re not even sweating yet!

Long story short… after a solid 2 hour workout I felt like a million bucks! Chest pump, shoulders solid, biceps kissable, posture strong, voice deep, energy clear – back in business baby!

I know all this is from the cleansing, probiotic, and the healthy diet! It’s a priceless feeling and I’ve missed it.

Of course I had the FIT protein shake within 10 minutes after the workout. 10 minutes after is ideal, 30 minutes is great, 45 is good, 60 is ok, no protein shake is bad 😉

Don’t forget to sip on water and breathe properly when doing weights. For most exercises, exhale on effort (contracting muscle) and inhale on return (elongating muscle). When starting out take about 6 seconds per rep, ie. 3 seconds up and 3 seconds down.

Most important of all – make sure to keep a proper technique. If you can’t do a rep without breaking a technique simply lower the weight (don’t worry about others watching, they’re busy doing their thing). If you’re not sure about the proper technique for your exercise, just ask! Find a trainer or a gym buff – 99% of a time they will gladly help you if you’re nice.

Strength Training Benefits:

  1. Speeds up metabolism due to increase in muscle mass (helps you lose weight)
  2. Better muscle strength, bone strength, ligament and tendon strength
  3. Maintain a toned and physically strong physique (basically you look good!)
  4. Better core strength and posture (increase look & feel confidence)
  5. Helps prevent Osteoporosis
  6. Increased cardiovascular strength
  7. By being stronger, it makes day-to-day activities easier

Your turn!

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