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QuesadillaAfter a really good and deep night sleep, I woke up early feeling rested and ready to go. I had a cup of hot water with lemon, 2 ounces of Thrive Adaptogenics Extra, FIT Restore capsule, then a quick hot bath followed by a cool shower.

After that I had the second half of the FIT Reset from day 1, an apple and went for a cardio group workout class to my local gym. It was good morning workout! I used heavier weights than usual and my breathing was well-elevated but under control. Don’t forget to sip on water through your cardio workout (but don’t overdo it – you will lose your speed and energy).

Following the class I could feel my muscles had a great workout, which called for a protein shake. I mixed in frozen blueberries and raspberries, flaxseed oil,  oatmeal (first softened with hot water), soy beverage, and the FIT Rebuild protein. I also had a serving of NatureBorn® Vitamins, small piece of bread with peanut butter, and a green tea with ginseng.

About 1 hour later I had FIT Reduce, which nicely sustained me till lunch. I felt good, full of energy, and without craving for food … in one word: content.

For lunch I had a sandwich with light cheese, turkey, tomato, pickle, sprouts, lettuce, plus an grapefruit.

Couple of hours later I had my first FIT Resist Super Snack Bar – Chocolate Caramel Nut flavour. It was pretty much like a Snickers Bar, but a lot less sweet. FIT Resist has 6g of Protein and 2g of Dietary Fiber, which is great.

For dinner I had a Veggie Quesadilla (wholewheat pita, black beans, sautéed onions and mushrooms, fresh tomato, cucumber, cilantro, and salsa) with water.

Of course I had water throughout the day, few unsalted natural almonds every few hours, and 2 table spoons of Organic Plain Yoghurt.

I finished the day with a yoga class followed by a simple shake with FIT Rebuild protein and Fiber cereal (unsweetened).

What a great day!

IMPORTANCE of a Warm-up and Benefits:

  1. Increased muscle temperature (reduces chance of injury to joints or muscles)
  2. Increased neural transmission (better contractive speed, strength and coordination)
  3. Allows the body time to adjust blood flow
  4. Prevents early onset of fatigue (body has the time to deliver oxygen to working muscles)
  5. Allows gradual increase in oxygen requirements (reduces stress on cardiovascular system)

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