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Fit Starter PackI received my FIT package today at 6:30pm. Like a kid on boxing day, I opened it right away and removed the air bags.

Inside the package was a neat big white & burgundy box labeled FIT body composition system.

I opened the box and examined all the products one by one, as well as the Quick Start 1-page “manual” and Nutrition Information.

Experience and Results

In the last few days I was actually bloated and felt somewhat tired. I knew I needed a detox and cleansing so I was eagerly awaiting the FIT Package.

First thing I had was half a bottle of FIT Reset (as per directions). It is designed to detoxify and gently cleanse, break through diet plateau, and jumpstart metabolism.

Wow, it tasted really good! It has a Puree texture, dark yellow in colour, deep flavour with accents of apple, mango, orange and passion fruit, and not too sweet. Few minutes later I felt a lot better. Within 30 minutes, the bloating subsided and I felt a nice sense of well-being.

Around 7:30 I was getting hungry so I made a shake with blueberries, raspberries, some fiber cereal and FIT Rebuild vanilla protein. The powder is slightly more dense than what I am used to, but so what! It tastes delicious and mixes very well (I tried a small sample with in a glass of water). I also had one cup of green salad mix with a touch of olive oil and lemon juice and my usual NatureBorn Multi-Vitamin.

By 8 the bloating subsided and I felt quite clearer minded. I decided to write this blog entry and did some other quick work.

At 10pm, again as per directions to keep a 2-hour buffer between, I had the FIT Reduce – a fat flushing and hunger control supplement. I ordered the Pink Lemonade flavour, which again was great tasting and wasn’t too sweet.

I went to sleep at 11pm and had a great night sleep.

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