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Me Before and AfterIn 2009 Chris went from 225 lbs to 190 lbs, dropped from a 38 inch waist to 34, 25% body fat to 12%, and perhaps his biggest accomplishment was that he went from being chubby, weak and tired, to toned, strong and energetic. He learned a lot about himself, nutrition, and the weight loss process. The most important thing that he learned is that cleansing and proper nutrition are absolutely the most critical …  and sadly the most neglected.

Once he learned about the FIT Body Composition System he was blown away. He exclaims that the system precisely captures the process he went through himself, often having to go out of his way to improvise the nutrition support, eg. with ginseng, ginkgo, matcha, lecithin, detox herbs, plain yogurt, and much more.  The FIT Reset cleanser and FIT Restore probiotic boosts his metabolism and gives him the energy, FIT Reduce flushes fat from from his entire body and makes his midsection look lean and tight, and FIT Restore builds his lean muscle which feels really good and helps the whole process further.* Chris states that the best part about FIT is that it’s so easy and it really works. Click here for more of his story >>

Trish’s enthusiasm is infectious as she’s leading a group of over 50 FIT Challenge participants in the Orlando area. They’re working out and working hard to better health with the FIT Body Composition System. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the FIT system, if you’ve hit a slump or if you just need a little encouragement, FIT Group is the best way to a powerful support. Click here for full story >>

Trish Orlando Group

UPDATE: Check out the Winners of the Winter FIT Challenge, then enroll in the Summer FIT Challenge. There is still time!


Watch the great VIDEO below featuring a detailed look into the life of NBA All-Star and Morinda Bioactives spokesman Chauncey Billups. Thrive Adaptogenics are a big part of Billups’ life, and his life is all about being the best.


Joe Eigo, Stunt Performer and Entrepreneur, consumes 5-6oz. of Thrive Adaptogenics Extra or Original every day, as well as Wheat Grass Juice, Raw Cacao, and Natural Spring Water. The results speak for themselves in the crazy acrobat and kickboxing skills VIDEO below. Joe says: “Your health is your wealth. Your food is your medicine and medicine is your food. Super foods, medicinal plants, herbs and consciousness expanding plants.”


The first unbelievable transformation was of a busy full-time and stressed-out student, Abinadi. The FIT program wasn’t on his priority list, but he understood the importance of an exercise and nutritional support. Abinadi lost 32 pounds and 10% of body fat in 12 weeks, and he looks and feels amazing. Click here for pictures and his full story >>


Genny suffered with many health challenges that prevented her from benefiting from any weight loss programs. As the number of health issues grew, with a sense of urgency she decided to try weight loss one more time with the FIT program. She hasn’t felt hungry or dizzy and soon enough she has lost 22 lbs, reduced 2 dress sizes, dropped from 30% to 22% of body fat, and feels great everyday. Click here for pictures and her full story >>


Jeff was trying to lose weight for some time, but it was 2 years ago when he was shocked to allow himself to reach 300lbs. Together with his doctor they made a solid commitment and Jeff lost 50lbs in 6 months, but then he plateaued at 200lbs. He was introduced to FIT and decided to give it a try. He lost a few pounds every single week, feels awesome again, and has not gained the weight back. Click here for pictures and his full story >>


Simon became increasingly concerned about his weight and health. I then heard about the FIT and decided to follow it to the T. He took the FIT products exactly as recommended, went for (very short) walks and lifted weights during the week. He immediately saw the results after 6 days on the Reset Cleanse and lost 7 pounds. With an improved confidence he decided to start running like in the old days. At first he could only manage 20 seconds of running before running out of breath. Few weeks later he was able to run 3.5 miles without stopping. In July he’s planning participation in his first 5K. Overall FIT and this experience changed his life and Simon is progressively becoming the person he always wanted to be. He has energy and his life back. Click here for pictures and his full story >>


After being publicly humiliated by a stranger about his weight, instead of confronting the person or feeling sorry for himself, Wayne took it as a message that it’s time for a change. He started taking Thrive Adaptogenics, NatureBorn® Vitamins, and FIT and soon enough he was down 41 pounds. “FIT puts you – once and for all – back in control of your weight and your life.” Click here for pictures and his full story >>


Kika was very active while growing up, but as her life got busier she gained 30lbs in two years. The she got married and had a baby girl, and gained another 18 pounds. Then as her work got even busier  she ended up at 193lbs! Then, with many common diet struggles, she lost 21 pounds in 10 weeks. Click here for pictures and her full story >>


Being a mother of two young children and having own business has lead Nubia to find herself 30-40 pounds heavier in two years time. With FIT she has dropped from 32% body fat to 20% in a short period of time. FIT Reduce keeps her feeling full, especially when she feels like having something sweet. Click here for pictures and her full story >>


Lasse is a young man whose increasingly unhealthy lifestyle lead to numerous health problems. After gaining 55 pounds and having trouble buckling in when snowboarding, he found a solution in FIT. He lost 30lbs and dropped from 29% to 17% body fat so far. He’s enthusiastic about reaching his goals and is keeping at it. Click here for pictures and his full story >>


Fabian started the program 2 months ago when he woke up to a realization that he is 90lbs overweight with 36% body fat. FIT transformed his life as he lost 30lbs and dropped the body fat percentage into the 20’s. Click here for pictures and his full story >>


The following FIT Success Stories were recorded by Morinda customer service, and are used with permission:

I’ve been using the Reset beverages and the probiotics every month, and I’ve had some great results! I’ve lost 14 pounds since January. I don’t know how many inches I’ve lost, but I’ve lost a lot of inches. I’m not hungry anymore, and I’ve got a surge of energy.

My first month on Fit I lost 10 pounds. I was really quite surprised! I feel good, my clothes fit better, and I’m going to try to keep working hard and following the program. My friends have noticed that my stomach is getting flatter, and I love how Fit can help me improve my body composition (not just weight). I love the Fit products, and I love sharing them with my family and friends. I tell them “Just try it for three months, because it works!”

First of all, the Fit products taste incredible! And since I’ve used the products I have more energy, and even though it’s kind of tough exercising at my age, I love the Fit program. When you take the Fit products you don’t get hungry. The Resist bars completely take away cravings, and I love the flavor of the Reset cleanse beverages.

I bought the Fit Starter Program, downloaded the 2000 calorie meal plans, slapped it on the fridge and have been religiously following the program for the last 8 days! I know I haven’t been using the products very long, but I’m excited I had to let team fit Know! I started at 168 I have dropped down to 157,nd I haven’t started my training phase yet! I am super duper excited! I feel good, and I love the taste of the pink lemonade and peach protein shake. I can go on and on about the Fit program. Yay!


So Restart or Get Started and have your body ready for the beach this summer!


ORDER your FIT today and visit the official FIT Body Composition System website.

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  2. I’m definitely enjoying the theme/design of your blog. Do you ever run into any web browser compatibility problems? A little number of my weblog audience have complained about my weblog not working correctly in Explorer but looks terrific in Firefox. Do you have any ideas to assist fix this issue?

    • Chris says:

      Hi Nila,
      Thanks your comment!

      IE has always had display and other issues, especially around handling CSS style sheets.

      Many programmers got tired of “fixing” their blogs just so that IE displays them correctly.

      Fixing your blog is possible, but tricky. My best idea to fix the issue is to get a WP theme that’s compatible with IE out of the box.

      A little off topic, but I hope that helps you.

      All the best,

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