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Have you had thoughts recently such as “What is my True Age??” Well, now you can find out!

Watch the True Age Test video found on the Morinda TruAGE site (link below) to learn more about A.G.E.s, and then enter your information to Win a Trip to Hawaii – no strings attached!! Each Month, Morinda is giving away an all-expense paid Dream Vacation for two to those who help build A.G.E. awareness by sharing the TruAGE video on this website:

True Age Test can tell you if you’re at risk for serious diseases.

High levels of A.G.E.s are linked to serious complications and diseases, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, kidney failure, and more. That’s why it’s crucial to know your true age. The TruAGE test will tell you your A.G.E. levels and where they are in relation to other people your age so you can better assess your risk. Aging happens, but accelerated aging and the life-ending diseases that are associated with high A.G.E. accumulation doesn’t have to happen.

The clinically proven TruAge Scanner will tell you what is your True Age.

Morinda TruAge Scanner to perform your true age testThe TruAGE Scanner is a patented medical research device developed by medical doctors to determine the amount of A.G.E.s in your body. The TruAGE Scanner has been fully validated in a test of over 100,000 people. The subjects first had their A.G.E.s measured by blood, then through the skin by the TruAGE Scanner.  The results indicated that the TruAGE Scanner measures A.G.E. levels as accurately as a blood draw. These validated results have been published in multiple peer reviewed journals. The TruAGE Scanner is a fast, painless scan of the arm that can provide an accurate reading in under three minutes.

Morinda Max is clinically proven to lower AGEs by 24%

You already know that lifestyle choices are the key to better health, including lowering your AGEs. But one thing you may not know is that Thrive Max has been clinically proven to drastically lower your AGEs in as little as 4 weeks. In one clinical trial, participants who drank Morinda Max lowered their AGE levels by up to 24% in just 4 weeks. Not only does Max lower AGEs, but it also helps prevent new AGEs from forming. Start experiencing the many benefits of Thrive Max today with a 30-day risk free trial.

Control your AGEs with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and managing stress

Your lifestyle choices affect your AGE levels for good and for bad. Lower your AGEs and keep new ones from forming by:

  • Eating a diet high in raw fruits and vegetables
  • Steaming or boiling foods instead of browning or barbecuing
  • Avoiding alcohol and tobacco products
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Controlling your stress levels
  • Exercising moderately every day



Science behind A.G.E.s

AGE FoundationCheck out for all the latest and greatest on AGE research, science, and prevention information from the most respected and well-known leaders in the field as well as the following list of featured studies and clinical research on AGEs:

American Heart Association Journal Website – Advanced Glycation End Products: Sparking the Development of Diabetic Vascular InjuryAmerican Heart Association Journal Website.

The Journal of Biological Chemistry – Enhanced Cellular Oxidant Stress by the Interaction of AGE Products with Their Receptors/Binding ProteinsThe Journal of Biological Chemistry.

The US National Library of Medicine – American Journal of Pathology Survey of the Distribution of a Newly Characterized Receptor for Advanced Glycation End Products in Tissues.

Springer Book Archives – Diabetologia (Springer-Verlag 2001): Advanced Glycation End-Products: A ReviewSpringer Book Archives.

National Academy of Sciences of the USA – Advanced Glycation End Products Contribute to Amyloidosis in Alzheimer Disease.

American Society of Nephrology – Skin Autofluorescence, a Measure of Cumulative Metabolic Stress and Advanced Glycation End Products, Predicts Mortality in Hemodialysis Patients.

Get a free True Age Test in your city!

We’re committed to making AGE screenings available throughout the world. Register today for one of the upcoming TruAge Tour stops in a city near you –



6 Responses so far.

  1. The TruAge Tour is in full swing, and by far the best part of each event is the AGE scanner. Before and after each meeting, everyone who wants to participate is invited to get scanned so they can get a good idea of their AGE levels. Needless to say, it has become a real treat to scan people and have conversations about AGEs and AGE maintenance.

  2. The Morinda TruAge Campaign will focus on putting Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs) at the forefront of the health discussion, showing their influence on the biological ageing process. The Campaign will encourage consumers to have their AGE levels measured to get to know their TruAge score. With its TruAge scanner, a scientifically proven device, the Company offers an easy, non-invasive method to read an individual’s AGE level in the body.

  3. Morinda is pleased to announce the TruAge Tour. A cross-country tour featuring the TruAge device. This device can test the levels of advanced glycation end-products in your body, and it will display your TruAge–your body’s real age.

  4. We are people who are passionate about Tahitian Noni Juice. We have been spreading the good word about it for over 15 years and now have a presence in many countries around the globe. We love helping people build home businesses with Morinda Bioactives and have seen lives change as a result of both the business and the products.

  5. Morinda is pleased to announce the TruAge Tour. A cross-country tour featuring the TruAge device. This device can test the levels of advanced glycation end-products in your body, and it will display your TruAge–your body’s real age.

  6. What’s your TruAge? Knowing your TruAge will tell you the level of AGEs (advanced glycation end-products) in your body. High levels of AGEs put you at risk for serious diseases.

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