Get FIT Body Now

Proper Nutrition & Exercise made easy

Morinda’s New Thrive Adaptogenics Max.


FIT extended introductory video – Get Fit, lose the fat, enjoy the process!


A few questions for Jeff Wasden about Thrive Adaptogenics and FIT.


Expert dietician Jody Whipple teaches you how to plan your meals for the best nutritional results.


Jody Whipple teaches how food swapping can help you with your nutrition goals.


Jody Whipple teaches how the correct portion sizes will help you reach your fitness goals.


Jody Whipple teaches you how to use mindful eating to meet your nutrition goals.


FIT Body Composition Introduction Video – No hype, No celebrities, No false promises – Just Results!


Details about the Iridoids in the Noni Bioactive Beverage and comparison of fruits and superfruits.


There is not another product on the planet that compares with Morinda Bioactives.


Joe Eigo, Stunt Performer and Entrepreneur, consumes 5-6oz. of Thrive Adaptogenics Extra or Original every day, as well as Wheat Grass Juice, Raw Cacao, and Natural Spring Water. The results speak for themselves in this crazy acrobat and kickboxing skills video. Joe says: “Your health is your wealth. Your food is your medicine and medicine is your food. Super foods, medicinal plants, herbs and consciousness expanding plants.”


Miranda Kerr, a supermodel, new mother and an entrepreneur, takes time to talk about her favorite “beauty secret” to the nationwide audience: “[Noni] is a fruit which orginates in Tahiti,” Kerr told O’Brien. “It works on a cellular level to re-energize all the cells. I drink it all the time!” Kerr added.
ORDER your FIT today and visit the official FIT page with tons of valuable free content.



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