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For three months, Bioactivists from around the country have dedicated themselves to improving their body composition and lifestyle. Today the challenge has come to an end, and it’s time to announce our Grand Prize winners.

Everyone involved with the FIT Challenge has exemplified hard work, dedication and desire. Hundreds have entered the FIT Challenge, not just to win a European vacation, but to change their lives for the better. Your stories of hope and determination inspire us.

Thank you to all of our FIT Challenge participants, semifinalists and finalists.

After thousands of online votes and a difficult decision from our panel of judges, we give to you our Fit Challenge GRAND PRIZE winners!

Congratulations to Shirley and Don! Both Shirley and Don have won an all-expenses paid trip to Europe, for them and their guests. Way to go guys! Clearly, you have the determination and strength of will to be champions!

Summer FIT Challenge winners are here >>


Congratulations to Ulrick, Tammy, Simon, and Aneta! Our first Fit Challenge Champions!

Winter Fit Challenge Winners

At the Fall National it was Morinda ‘s pleasure to reveal the winners of the first ever Fit Challenge. Out of thousands of entries, and with your help, Morinda chose two men and two women who have truly changed their bodies and transformed their lives with FIT.

Please congratulate our first Fit Challenge Winners!

The prizes were:

  • Top Man: US$5,000 – Ulrick Alfred
  • Top Woman: US$5,000 – Tammy Opfer-Post
  • Second Place: In-Home Gym – Simon Rojas and Aneta Adorno
  • Winners 5-6: FIT gear, FIT apparrel and other great Noni products

Stand up and give them a round of applause, wherever you are! These finalists are a huge inspiration to us. Each one of them worked hard to make a positive change in their lives. Each of them saw a new opportunity to succeed with FIT, and they, like so many others, experienced a complete body transformation.

Below are the links to all Winter FIT Challenge finalists together with their pictures and stories. Please take some time to read these stories and pass them on to all your friends.

Aneta Adorno Velma Dawson Joveian Myrick
Ulrick Alfred Betty Hamlin Tammy Opfer-Post
Ian Beattie Billie Josey Merina Pope
Amanda Chavez Jack Midland Simon Rojas

Morinda asked you to help them decide the winners on our FIT Facebook Page, and clearly, you were just as moved by their stories as they were. With thousands of votes and tireless campaigning, you helped them select the top six finalists, three men and three women, and the FIT Body Composition panel selected Ulrick, Tammy, Simon and Aneta as the first FIT Champions.

Each winner had a chance to address the crowd from the Fall National stage, and every one said they owed their lives to FIT. They spoke about being reborn and having the strength and confidence to do things they’ve never done before, all thanks to the incredible FIT Body Composition System.

Ulrick said he was going to use his prize money for his upcoming wedding, and when Tammy was asked what her plans were for the money, she simply exclaimed “I’m going shopping!

Way to go, guys! You are our inspiration, and we wish you all the best as you move forward with FIT and Morinda Bioactives.

To sign up for the second Fit Challenge, going on right now, be sure to visit the FIT Body Composition System website.


Vote for the Winter FIT Challenge Winners
The pictures are in and Morinda has got a quite a decision to make. You can help them decide the top six FIT Challenge winners by voting on Facebook. At stake is a load of cash, an in-home gym and other fabulous prizes.

Out of 12 finalists, three men and three women with the most votes will be the FIT Challenge winners. The polls close on August 17. From there Morinda panel of Fitness experts will choose three grand prize winners and make the announcement this Fall.

Vote Now on, and tell all your friends to do the same. Our FIT Challenge Finalists are counting on you!

UPDATE: The Votes are in!! Here are your top 6 FIT Finalists:

Ulrick Alfred
Simon Rojas
Billie Josey

Aneta Adorno
Merina Pope
Tammy Opfer-Post

Congrats to all FIT Finalists and the Success they have had with FIT. Morinda will announce the Grand Prize Winners on August 20, 2011.

<<< Day One<< Nutrition Videos | Time for Boost >>

5 Responses so far.

  1. Out of 12 finalists, three men and three women with the most votes will be the FIT Challenge winners. The polls close on August 17. From there Morinda panel of Fitness experts will choose three grand prize winners and make the announcement this Fall.

  2. Julius Rose says:

    The three gals with the top scores at the end of the six week challenge were our big winners! They have seen the proof that working hard and living healthy can transform you into a stronger, happier version of yourself! Take a look at what our winner has to say about Studio Fit and how it has changed her for the better.

  3. When it comes to the Fit Challenge, you have the power. Your votes will decide our six Fit Challenge winners — three men, and three women. From those six we will choose three grand prize winners, and we’ll make the announcement at Fall National. Pressure’s on. Have you voted yet?

  4. The Fit Challenge is back and better than ever in 2012. It’s your favorite “get fit” competition, just in time for the new year, and we’ve cranked the intensity up a few notches. Now there’s never been a better time to change your body composition. The Fit Challenge is a 90-day program that can help you get and keep the lean, healthy body you’ve always wanted. It’s about changing your body composition-flushing the fat, and building lean, strong muscle. Here’s how it works: Register for the Fit Challenge at , send in your before picture, follow the Fit Program for 90 days, and then show us the impressive results in an after picture. Those who complete the Fit Challenge successfully will be in the running for incredible prizes, big recognition and most importantly a healthier, sexier body. For complete Fit Challenge details, click here . Learn how to register, how to submit a photo, what you can win and more. In addition to the Grand Prize winners (one man and one woman), in 2012 we’ve added monthly winners, group winners, special performance prizes and more! Oh and here’s something: The Fit Challenge Grand Prize winners in 2012 will receive a high adventure vacation to Moab, Utah that includes airfare, hotel accomodations, photo shoot, food and entertainment. And one super grand prize winner will win a brand-new Honda Fit! Yep, that’s right: A new car! Visit the Fit Challenge page on for details, or call us at 1-800-445-2969. Get ready, get set, get fit in 2012 with the all-new, supercharged Fit Challenge!

  5. Son Bush says:

    Out of 12 finalists, three men and three women with the most votes will be the FIT Challenge winners. The polls close on August 17. From there Morinda panel of Fitness experts will choose three grand prize winners and make the announcement this Fall.

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