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30KV Vehicle Parts ESD Test Simulator ESD61002TC

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Meet IEC61000-4-2/ ISO10605 Standards

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● Fully compliant with the latest standards of ISO10605

LCD interface display ,Chinese or English menu, easy to use

●LCD display Intelligent control, Use the Programmable imported high-voltage power supply, Reliable performance

Built-in international standards level parameters, simple

● Built-in international standards level parameters, easy to use

● Max output voltage up to 30kv

● Built-in the RS232 interface ,Remote operated by the optional control software.




Output voltage

0.2-- ± 30kV ± 5%

Output voltage polarity

Positive / Negative/ Switchable

Discharge capacitor


Discharge resistor

2000/150/330 Ω

Current rise time

0.7  1ns

Working form

Discharge interval 0.05  99.99s Testing form20PPSdischarge setting less than0.05sbe called single discharge

Testing functions

Contact discharge

Air discharge

Trigger mode

1.Automatic  2.Manual 3.automatic voltage rises

Discharge times

Presetting times 1-9999 or infinite times

Working power supply

AC220V ± 10%,50 Hz

Ambient temperature

15  -35 

Outline dimensions and weight

350×360×175 mm 10kg




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