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Harm in the form of static electricity
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The basic physical properties of static electricity is: attraction or repulsion; and the earth potential difference; cause the discharge current. These three characteristics enable the three effects on electronic components:

1. Electrostatic dust absorption, reduce the element insulation resistance (shorter life).

2. Electrostatic discharge damage and the element damage does not work (completely destroyed).

3. Hot electrostatic discharge electric field or current, the element of injury (potential injury).

4. A large range of electromagnetic fields generated by electrostatic discharge (up to several hundred V / m), a very wide spectrum (from tens of megabytes to several gigabytes), the production of electronic devices cause interference or even damage (electromagnetic interference). If the components are all destroyed, it will be able to be detected in the production and testing of the exclusion, little effect; if the element slightly damaged, difficult to find in a normal test. In this case, often due to go through a multi-level process, even if you are using it has been found to be damaged, not only easy to check, and its losses are difficult to predict how much you want to spend manpower and financial resources in order to check out all the problems. And if the failure to detect when it is used, it will be possible huge losses. Electrostatic damage to electronic products which features?

1. concealment body can not directly perceive static unless electrostatic discharge occurs. However, the occurrence of electrostatic discharge human body is not necessarily to have the feeling of shock, this is because the human perception of static discharge voltage of 2-3KV, so static covert.

2. Some of the performance potential of electronic components from electrostatic damage was not significantly reduced after, but many times the cumulative discharge device caused internal injuries and the formation of risk. Therefore electrostatic damage to the device has potential.

3. Under what circumstances randomness electronic components from electrostatic damage will it? So to speak, from a later generation element, until it is damaged before, all processes are threatened by static electricity, which also has a random generation of static electricity, which can damage the randomness.

4. Complexity of electrostatic discharge damage failure analysis work, because fine, fine, tiny structural features of electronic products and time-consuming, cumbersome, costly, requiring high technology and often require the use of scanning electron microscopy, high precision instruments. Even so, some electrostatic damage phenomenon is difficult to damage caused by other reasons to be distinguished, people mistakenly electrostatic damage failure as other failure. Before this is not fully aware of electrostatic discharge damage, often attributed to early failure or the failure is unknown, which unconsciously obscures the real cause of failure. Therefore, static analysis electronics injury is complex.

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